Data Recovery

No feeling is worse than the realization you’ve lost all of your data. Your family pictures, your resume, your schoolwork or even maybe last night’s Quickbooks session that you spent all night working on. Hard drives are delicate devices with moving parts that could fail at any given time. When these failures occur, Bytefixx can help. Using state of the art software and hardware we can attempt to locate and retrieve your data. If this happens, turn your computer off and please call Bytefixx right away at 603-394-7344. We will be happy to help.

For both consumer and corporate customers, Bytefixx also offers Certified Data Destruction. Even if you delete your files, those files still reside on the hard drive and can be accessed. We will securely erase your hard drives in accordance with state and federal data disposal law, destroying any and all sensitive information. We will then provide you with a Data Destruction Certification for the listed media. We also offer physical hard drive destruction solutions.